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Bruno | Male | AKC Red Fox Lab

Bruno is an incredibly handsome and gentle boy. He wags his entire body along with his tail. He's a low maintenance sweetheart that doesn't require constant attention. Bruno absolutely loves playing fetch, and he's got a sleek, athletic build. Trotting alongside his humans, carrying a stick in his mouth is his favorite. He's obedient, gentle, and sweet-natured. He's just a happy-go-lucky fella.

Maple | Female | AKC Red Fox Lab

Hazel | Female | AKC Yellow Lab

Hazel has always had a knack for staying close to her people, even when she was just a puppy. She's sweet-natured and always eager to please. Hazel absolutely loves playing fetch. She's obedient and pays close attention to commands & instruction. She's usually low-key and mellow, but the moment a ball appears, she becomes a ball of energy! She whelped all nine of the puppies from her first litter without any need for help. She is a nurturing, gentle, and attentive mother. She loves gazing into your eyes and just sitting at your feet, soaking up all the love and belly rubs.

Juniper | Female | AKC Yellow Lab

Remy | Female | AKC Rottweiler