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Our love for Rottweilers grew out of a desire for a strong dog to provide security and protection on the farm that would also be a trustworthy and loyal companion to our family. In our search for these traits, our first Rottweiler joined the farm in 2021 and Remy superseded our hopes. 


Meet Remy

Remy is one tough girl, and she loves her family. She's the queen of the pack weighing in at over 100 pounds. Her stare keeps strangers uneasy but tugs at the heart strings of friends and family. You can't step foot on the farm without showing this girl some love.


Our desire is to share this great breed with others and pass on Remy's outstanding personality through breeding.

All of the puppies from Remy's litter have found their forever homes.

You can find a link to Remy's DNA and Health results by clicking the link below and scrolling down to Remy's details


Past Rottweiler Puppies

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