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Reviews From Puppy Families

What can I say other then the most amazing family and the best puppy ever!!! They posted so many videos and pictures, which helped to make me feel like I was right there with my puppy! They were so helpful and accommodating!!! They also prepared my puppy for the world by providing all types of experiences for her before she came home!!! I would recommend them to all!!!
- M. Garcia

We feel truly blessed to have found our puppy from such a caring family. Michele went above and beyond any expectation we could have had. The puppies were used to being handled by children, which was a huge benefit! Michele posted many videos of the puppies which helped us learn their personalities. Potty training has been quite easy due to the fact that Michele started their training early on. We couldn’t be happier or more appreciative to have such a happy and well-adjusted puppy in our family. A special “thank you” to Emma for always loving on our Milo / Socks.
- J. Lopez

We can’t thank Michele and family for raising the most adorable, friendly, calm and loving puppies. From the day they were born Michele sent pictures continuously to keep us informed of their development. As their personalities started developing she would do LIVE videos so we could start to see who we might choose as our male puppy. Then we quickly decided to get a female puppy. Why? We’ve never encountered such a nurturing caregiver as Michele. We knew we wanted two and we thought one year apart, but Michele’s love for them to start them off on the best possible foot is next to none and so we decided the time was now. I know the rest of the family did their bit as well to help these little puppies become such calm and loving dogs. A special thanks to sweet Emma who has a natural mothering instinct. If there is another litter there is nowhere else but to come to Cedar Trail Farm. We have never been happier to be able to continue the love and care our Trixie and Skyler received. Our hearts are full! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts
- A. Orlando


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